Our world today is split into two. The one we walk about in and the other where all of our work is stored, our information is filed, and our business takes place; the omnipresent ‘cloud’.

Bluescape set out to take this mass of folders, laid out like endless Russian dolls full of files, and make it visual, collaborative and even tactile. Imagine your desk, covered in documents, pictures and notes - you can move things around with a sweep of your finger and scribble across anything as it pops into your mind. What Bluescape have done is make that desk as big as 160 rugby pitches and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a password. Usable on any phone, tablet or computer, people can collaborate in the same work space, editing in real time, working together and pooling information.

The real ‘showstoppers’ here are the enormous interactive boards the size of home cinema screens. They enable you to use two hands to zoom around the workspace, organising and creating content on something taken straight out of a Sci-fi film and put right into tomorrow’s meeting room.

The Day2 team were invited to an intimate afternoon at Haworth’s ever-impressive Clerkenwell showroom, led by Bluescape’s Vice President Products and Marketing, Nicholas Brown.

After an eye-opening presentation, we were all able to have a play ourselves on the 85 inch screen acting as a window to the vast workspace. I am sure everyone had the same thought of how impressive this tool would be in a pitch environment, as well as ideas of how it could be used on our own work within the office, as a collaborative tool with endless potential. We walked in as sceptics and came out as converts, dropping hints to our MD as to when we can expect our one here in the Day2 office.

Haworth bought the Californian based tech company when they were just getting up to speed a number of years ago. After booming in America with clients such as the US government and GSK Europe is the next stop and from what I have seen it won’t be long before it’s the must have office item all over London.

Check out the website for more information and even schedule in a live demo. https://bluescape.com/product/