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Milan Design Week 2016


Milan Design Week 2016

Day2 visit Salone Internazionale Del Mobile for Milan Design Week


Finally, we have been able to write a small post about the Day2 trip to the 2016 Salone Internazionale Del Mobile!

BUSY as Milan Design Week always is, it was another hugley successful Italian trip to see what the lovely furniture manufacturers worldwide have to offer.  We wanted to put ALL of our pictures up here (as there was so much to see) but it felt like we were overloading you a bit... so we've decided to put up just a few of our favourites and a couple of trends that we noticed while we were out there. Enjoy! And to see more images nip over to Pinterest.

Trend: Forestry. One of the most obvious visuals that stuck out on a majority of stands this year was greenery! The resurgence of the very 1970s trend of house plants and florals was definitely prominent at this years Salone.

We love this new collection of the Catifa 46 by Arper this year with a polished plastic back in a 'soft yet complex palette' available in colours - rose, petrol, yellow, ivory and smoke. All can be paired or contrasted an array of fabrics and frames.

The Arper stand was also showcasing an array of exciting new products/variations for the Meety, Yop and Parentisit which we were big fans of.

Trend: Luminous/Bright colours. Throughout many of the stands we visited, there was a real push for brightly coloured furniture. Especially noticable was in these images of Meritalia with their very colourful modular seating, Moroso with their almost ethnic collection by Tord Boontje and Kartell with their surreal salon of colour.

Another item that we were a particular fan of (as well as the lovely couple having a snooze on it in our picture) was the Moroso Belt sofa by Patricia Urquiola. The sofa is made up of folded cushions held together by knitted belts.

'Urquiola's aptly named Belt range comprises large fabric-upholstered cushions that double over to form the sofa backs.' Read more about the range.

Trend: Linnear/woven. As you can see from the amount of pictures we have of this, it was particularly prominent throughout the show, particularly in Moroso with their ethnic influences. Other linnear trends stuck out through Gebrueder Thonet Vienna with their woven Hideout Chair, Fermob and Alias showed a variety of linear indoor and outdoor furniture aswell as Lammhults with their Dexter stool.

Another couple of products we had to mention was the Lofoten modular system by Casamania (pictured left). It looked like a new take on Ben Grimm and we like it just as much if not more! Another product we are a fan of and have specified many times before was the Tiptoe sofa by Sancal (pictured right). Sancals stand was set in a soft 'Space Age' 'Futura' style. Read more about it here.

Last but certainly not least we paid a visit to the Walter Knoll stand displaying their range of a new take on an old classic collection. Huge fans of their sleek lines and beautiful finishes, they were, as usual, on point with this year's stand. Items which stood out to us were their new 375 single seater and sofa, extendable table (pictured far right) and the classic Heely chair in blue velvet (pictured middle right)

Click here to see more images of what they had on display.


As mentioned above, to see more of our images taken at the show take a look at our Pinterest Page!