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Aimée visits Bilbao!

Back in November 2015 our lovely A&D support, Aimée, was invited to visit the prestigious Basque Living event in Bilbao, Spain. A great short trip thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who was lucky enough to go along. On her return she filled us all in on everything she saw, so we thought we'd share that with you...

The group, largely made up of architects, designers and furniture consultants were introduced to a variety of new products and some new manufacturer names; most of which are now very much being specified on our current jobs. A name that particularly stood out is Treku, who just so happened to be the ones who kindly sent the invitation, we were particularly impressed with their innovative modular storage solutions.

Trekku 2.jpg

Other names which we were impressed by were Sellex and their Fast tables, with rapidly interchangeable tops. Aimée told us, “The Fast tables are brilliantly versatile, it was great to see a flip top table designed in such a unique way”. Other names included Enea and their Lotus chair, B-lux lighting and Ondaretta, all of which are now considered for upcoming and current projects. 

As well as enjoying the design and furniture scene, Aimée was able to see the wonderful city of Bilbao. Taken on 2 architectural tours around the city; Aimée was able to see the sites from the Guggenheim Museum to major architectural transformations in the Ensanche and not to mention the lovely surprise pieces of sculptural art (Salvador Dali for example) dotted around the city. Even simply seeing how much the architecture housing the transporation systems has improved in both the airport and the underground was impressive. The whole trip was rounded off with fantastic company and spoilt with 10 course tapas meals and lots of fine wine!

These are just a few of the pictures that Aimee took on her trip however we will be showing some more on Twitter and Instagram in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!