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Complete Furniture Solutions: From Consultation to Installation

Day2 offers a comprehensive service that streamlines the entire process from consultation to furniture installation.

We understand that every client is different, and our expert team is committed to delivering a tailored service that meets those needs. Starting from the briefing phase, through product specification, to furniture installation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we offer the right products and solutions that fit their needs.



A strategic approach is essential for a successful project. We’ll collaborate with your team to develop a customised plan, including a detailed programme, project milestones, accurate budget, and stakeholder engagement. We curate furniture solutions and prioritise service delivery to ensure that from start to finish, every aspect of the project is delivered smoothly and efficiently.



Our practised project managers have successfully delivered projects to landmark buildings across London, the UK & Europe, and we have formed a trusted and capable network, with proven expertise in logistics, installation, and relocation services.



We’ll take the time to fully understand your brief and build a furniture specification bespoke to your requirements. Our focus is on delivering a curated selection of furniture that reflects your style and enhances your space. We also consider your organisation’s technology and services to ensure seamless furniture integration.



We strive for sustainability and empower our clients with reliable data and insights to help them make responsible choices.

Our circular solutions, including audits, reuse strategies, remanufacturing, resale, and recycling options, extend the life of existing furniture assets while minimising environmental impact and waste.



Day2 pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of service, including procurement. We have extensive experience procuring furniture packages, ranging from the most basic to highly complex, large-scale orders. Our extensive client base provides significant leverage to negotiate with our suppliers, so you’ll receive the utmost value for your investment.



Commitment to stand-out service is at the core of our business. Day2 was founded on the promise of delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, even after project completion. Our partnership-style approach to aftercare is unique, with dedicated team members serving as a single point of contact for warranty management, product health checks, and future orders. Client satisfaction is our ultimate priority, and we’re committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your peace of mind.

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Extensive Network

Our suppliers

Our supplier network includes over 500 manufacturers from the UK, Europe, and beyond, giving us an unparalleled range of options to meet your needs.

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